15kg £12 inc sack

15kg £10 ex sack


Our BBQ firewood uses wood from the same source as our Whisky barrel firewood, we hand select slightly smaller sizes and include enough kindling to get your BBQ burning evenly. This is the perfect kit to give your barbecue a really unique mature flavour. Light and fresh, hints of vanilla, it’s all there, roll on the summer.

This is only to be used on traditional wood burning barbecues, if you would like to flavour your food on a gas BBQ you can soak our bbq firewood in water, beer or wine for a few hour and put it in a suitable smoking tin or tray nd put the cover down to smoke you cooking.

Whisky bbq firewood will give your food an amazing fragrant aroma of age old oak and whisky.

Great in pizza ovens to.

We supply to the food industry.

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