1 m3 Bag of Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs for Wood Burner, Stoves, Fire-pits, Pizza ovens, BBq’s, Open fires, log fires


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  • ✅ KILN DRIED Hardwood Logs – Oak/Ash/Silver Birch or Beech. Log burners and stoves. 25cm Long. Intense long heat. Under 20% moisture. Farmed from a sustainable forest. British product.
  • ✅ KILN DRIED BRITSH LOGWOOD COMPANY HARDWOOD LOGS – Ton builders bag of hard wood logs are from natural woodland British forests from sustainable sources and thinning harvested cut split and kiln dried for the perfect of ease of burning experience. The delivery consists of around 0.6m3 (depending on log size) Ideal for wood burners stoves outdoor camping trips BBQ pizza oven.
  • ✅ KILN – DRIED – WOOD The loose logs contains wood that has been force dried in kilns in a short space of time rather than naturally over months (more commonly known as seasoned logs). The Kiln Dry process in our wood fired kilns removes most of the water content or moisture to enhance the way you heat your home and creates the best burning conditions for heating and cooking.- Indoors and Outdoors great for fire-pits
  • ✅ Sustainably Sourced – We only source and process timber which has been provided from sustainably managed British woodlands. Our logs are long burning – every time. Perfect for the indoors or outdoors over long Summer evenings
  • ✅ Multi Purpose – Dried below 20% moisture and being a thinner split log these are used for restaurants as a perfect pizza oven log. Best for use in Pizza ovens and others including fire pit and BBQ applications. These logs are 100% British kiln dried firewood.
  • ✅ Eco Friendly Packaging – Whilst we maintain our woodlands we dont cut down trees to make cardboard packaging and as such our eco conciousness provides the best minimal packaging for delivery to you. BUY NOW! ENJOY A BEAUTIFUL FIRE IN EVERY SETTING.
  • ✅ Oak/Ash/Beech. Suitable for log burners and stoves. 25cm Long. Intense long heat. NOT Softwood. Under 20% moisture. Farmed from a sustainable forest. British product
  • ✅ Please note we do not ship to Northern Ireland due to shipping costs