10 Blades Stove Fan, Lively Life Dual Motor Log Burner Fan, Heat Powered Wood Burner Fireplace Fan for Wood Burning Stove, Eco Friendly and Efficient Fan, Silent Operation with Stove Thermometer


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  • 🎅【Self-Powered & Eco-Friendly】No batteries or electricity required! Thermoelectric module acts as a small generator to power the stove fan’s motor. Improved warm air circulation results in greater comfort and reduce wood consumption from your stove. Stove operating with normal surface temperatures between 122°F(50°C) and 662°F(350°C).
  • 🎅【More Energy Efficient】Fully utilize the heat from your wood stove and disspate it to whole space of your room.The fan circulates warm air at a rate of 270 CFM(cubic feet per minute) and uses 28 % less wood with this stove fan. You can greatly enjoy warmth in you room with less energy comsumption.
  • 🎅【Safety Design】The Stove fan comes with a bi-metallic safety device in the base of the fan.When the surface temperature rises above around 482℉(250℃) it will gently lift the front of the fan to protect the TEG and motor. The fan will automatically recover normally as the surface temperature decreases .
  • 🎅【Upgraded 10 Blades】With upgrade reinforced 10 blades the wood stove fan is designed to circulated warm air up to 20% than others. Faster speed and larger air volume. Efficiently circulates warm air throughout the room. Made with Anodized Aluminum no rust or corrodeno deformation and no discoloration even after long time working under high temperature.
  • 🎅【Whisper Quiet】With less than 35dB noise You don’t even know the stove fan is therebut you feel the warmth! You will enjoy the warm air in a quiet and comfortable environment. Besides you will get a 1 year maintenance and a professional team to solve any problem you may have in 24 hours.