12 Blades Stove Fan, Upgrade Double Log Burner Fan, Mini 6-Blade Double-Headed Fireplace Fan, Heat Powered Fireplace Fan for Wood/Log Burner/Fireplaces




  • ??Upgraded 12-Blade Fireplace Fan: Higher airflow: It has two motors and 12-blade specially designed for this stove fan providing a very wide heat flow which distributes the heat from the stove more efficiently and raises the temperature of the room quickly very Suitable for large rooms.
  • ??Energy Efficient Oven Fan: No batteries or electricity required. It is powered by the heat generated by the fireplace or fireplace and directed to the base of the fan to drive the blades. The higher the oven temperature the faster the guide vanes rotate. No batteries or electricity required environmentally friendly.
  • ??Overheating Protection Fan: Bimetal strips are installed at the bottom of the fan. When the maximum operating temperature is reached the bimetallic strip under the base automatically flexes to raise the fan base and reduce the thermal contact surface to protect the motor and thermoelectric modules.
  • ??Silent Operation of the Furnace Fan: The furnace fan operates at less than 25 decibels which is very quiet. You can hardly hear the sound. It improves the circulation of warm air in the room for greater comfort.
  • ??Oven Fan Operating Temperature: Operating temperature is approx. 50°C to 350°C (122°F to 662°F) fan speed automatically adjusts to oven temperature. Conversion is highest when the temperature reaches about 250-300°C.