15kg Premium Heating Fuel Biomass Stove Natural Wood Pellets Chemical,Free and Odourless Wooden Pellets 6mm – ENPLUSA1 Standardagents


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  • Derived from 100% virgin soft wood from the United Kingdom Heat Fuel pellets are the number one pellets for biomass stoves. Completely chemical free so absolutely no toxicity whatsoever there are no chemicals or glue used in the manufacturing process our pellets are compressed using only natural methods
  • Heat Fuel pellets start burning quickly providing a high temperature output which will heat your room up rapidly. Light easily burn ultra-efficiently with very little ash and are clean burning producing reduced amounts of smoke. Produce so much energy they will heat your room up quickly and safely unlike pellets produced using chemicals
  • 15kg bags for easy storage and will last longer. Ethically sourced timber from responsible forestry and more effective than imported hardwood pellets which take longer to burn produce far more smoke with less heat.
  • 100% renewable energy – Ultra-low CO2 output – Manufactured to ENPLUSA1 standards (same as food grade pellets used in Pizza Ovens)
  • Odourless and natural with absolutely NO additives NO chemicals and NO binding agents