AXNSATRE Log Burner Fans Wood Stove Fan – 2Pack Small Log Burner Fans + 2 Stove Thermometer+ 1 Room Thermometer, 4 Blades Silent Fan for Wood Burning Stove, Wood Burner Fan for Fireplace


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  • Save Money: This log burner fan requires no batteries or electricity. This woodburner fan will run by absorbing heat of a wood / coal or pellet burning producted. You just put stove fans on smooth top of the stove near the side or back of the stovepipe. And the hotter the fire the faster the little fan for fireplace turns the warm air is distributed evenly around room.
  • Fireplace Fan Set: 2 pcs silent log burner fan 2 pcs magnetic stove thermometers 1 pcs room temperature hygrometer. 2 pack wood log burner fan place on top of the burner distributes hot air efficiently around your large room and the woodburner stove fan will be also a great winter gift for family. In additon magnetic stove thermometers and room temperature hygrometer provide a clear indication of stove temperature and room temperature and humidity allowing you to optimize fuel consumption and prevent discomfort from dry air.
  • Working Temperature: The working temperature of this wood stove fan is 80-350°C. When it’s 55°C this little fireplace fan starts spinning and it reaches around 200-300°C 4 blade fan for log burner works most efficiently. But please don’t use fire fan continuously at high temperature and you can monitor stove temperature by magnetic thermometers.
  • Overheat Protection: This heat powered log fire fan has a bi-metal safety device on the bottom. When the surface temperature rises to around 250-300°C it gently lifts the front of the fire fan for wood burner to protect the TEG and motor. The heat powered stove fan will automatically return to normal as the surface temperature cools.
  • Whisper & Quiet: Since this silent wood burner fan only has 4 blades it runs almost silently. Evenly distributed heating energy-saving quiet Eco- fans should be our first choice. And this fireplace fan can be used as wood stove fan gas stove fan electric stove fan wood stove fan chimney fan pelletizing furnace fan multi fuel stove fan etc.