5 Blade Kitchen Stove Fan Silent Operation Heat Powered Fireplace Fan with Magnetic Thermometer for Wood/Log Burners/Fireplace, Eco-Friendly Circulation & Efficient Heat Distribution (Thermometer)


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  • Quiet design: the angle of the fan blades has changed as it can emit a lot of hot air at the fastest speed and the noise is very low. (less than 32 dB.)
  • Fast heat dissipation: the thickened base improved in winter of 2020 is designed to effectively conduct heat into the fireplace. The 5 lotus blade fan blades help dissipate heat in a large area and quickly increase room temperature.
  • Quick Start and Thermometer: the environmental fireplace fan is fully powered by heat. When the temperature of the fireplace reaches about 60 C the fan blades begin to turn. You can use a thermometer to check the temperature at any time.
  • Wide use: the fireplace fan can be used for cookware wood stoves and fireplaces.
  • Long service life: The stove fan is made entirely of anodised aluminium. Even if used under high temperature for a long time it will not deform or fade.