50 – Natural Eco Wax-Coated Wood Wool Firelighters for Safe, Clean, and Odorless Ignition of Wood and Log Burners, BBQs, Pizza Ovens, and More – The Perfect Fire Starter For Any Occasion (50)


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  • EASY TO LIGHT – Effortlessly start a perfect fire every time with these natural wood wool firelighters. Perfect for wood burners stoves campfires and more. These firelighters ignite instantly and burn for 8 minutes eliminating the need for complicated techniques to build a fire.
  • 50 FIRELIGHTERS – Just one Natural Eco Firelighter is that is needed to start a fire when used with kindling and each box contains 50 Natural Firelighters.
  • ECO FRIENDLY – These eco-friendly firelighters made from wood wool and wax have no smell and burn for a long time. They are perfect for anyone cooking with wood as they light quickly
  • WIDE RANGE OF USES – These firelighters are ideal for anyone who uses fires for heating or cooking indoor or outdoor fireplace fire pits BBQ’s pizza ovens and chimeneas. They are also perfect for use with hardwood logs smokers and open fire pits both at home and while camping.
  • ODORLESS – These eco-friendly firelighters are specially formulated for a clean burn and do not give off any unpleasant odors. They are perfect for use when cooking food and are a great alternative to traditional firelighters.