6 Blades Stove Fan Heat Powered, Wood Log Burning Stove Top Fans with Thermometer for Wood/Log Burner/Fireplace, Silent Operation, Efficient Heat Distribution


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  • EFFICIENT HEAT DISTRIBUTION: 2022 Upgrade motor Blow wind up to 380 ft/m air flow range up to 380CFM diffusing warm air throughout the whole room. Just place the stove fan on a smooth flat surface of your stove top near the side or back of the stovepipe. Need to place stove fan at least 4″ away from stovepipe. It will work when the stove surface hot.
  • ANODIZED ALUMINUM MATERIA: The whole wood burner stove fan is made from anodized aluminum which will not rust or corrode when the fan is getting hot. There is iron sheet on the log burners stove fan bottom well protect fan from damage due to high temperature.
  • HEAT POWERED FAN: Fan for woodburning stoves generate power by converting the heat from stove into electricity electricity generating units convert the heat energy into kinetic energy to drive the motor then the blades spin.No batteries or electricity required eco-friendly.
  • SILENT OPERATION: As the 6 blades stove fan warms up the wood fireplace stove fan runs faster and faster distributing the heat to the far corners of the room. And even at top speed there is hardly a whisper. It Is almost totally silent.
  • WORKING TEMPERATURE: Air Flow: 160-200cfm Running Speed: 750-1050rpm 6 blades mini fireplace fan starts to rotate when temperature reach 50°C/122°F The hotter the fire the faster the blades turn. It is widely used in wood stove gas stove log burner multifuel fireplace etc.