Alflora 2KG 200 Pack Long Burning Premium Wood Wool Handmade Firelighters – 100% Natural, Eco Firelighters for Wood Burners and BBQs – Quick Safe Lighting, Clean, Odorless


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  • EASY AND INSTANT – Our Alflora Firelighters are designed to provide rapid and reliable ignition helping you to effortlessly start your fires both indoors and outdoors while ensuring safety and minimising the risk of accidents. Our longer burning firelighters mean you can enjoy extended and satisfying fires while utilising your fuel more efficiently resulting in a cost-effective and energy-saving solution.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY – Alflora 2KG Premium Wood Wool Handmade Firelighters are Natural and eco-friendly supporting a greener environment by using sustainable resources for a guilt-free fire-starting experience. They are dipped in wax to create a more efficient burn.
  • CLEAN SAFE AND ODOURLESS BURNING – Unlike traditional firelighters these Alflora Firelighters don’t give off nasty odours meaning they produce a clean odourless burn preventing any unpleasant smells from lingering in your living space or outdoor area thus enhancing your overall fire experience when cooking food and also help to guarantee greater health and safety.
  • VARIETY OF USES – Ideal for a wide range of applications which you can use to entertain both indoor and outside. Alflora Firelighters can be used for BBQs Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens Firepits Fireplaces Campfires and Stoves.
  • 200 FIRELIGHTERS PER PACK – Available in a cost-saving multipack of 200 handmade firelighters you won’t run out anytime soon. Pack a box for your camping trip or enjoy at home to easily create and maintain the perfect eco-friendly fire every time.