ASH Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs 30L Net. – 18% Moisture – Ready to Burn Approved, Perfect Firewood for Log-Burners, Wood Burning Stoves, Open Fires, Pizza Ovens, Chimeneas


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  • ✅ A British Favourite: Ready to Burn Certified Kiln Dried Ash logs are for wood fired stoves log burners wood fired pizza ovens smokers fire pits and open fires wood burners campfires and patio chimeneas.. Ready to burn as these are Kiln Dried Ash logs.
  • ✅ Great Log size: Each log is 25cm in length and normally a net will have a selection of sizes ranging from 4cm across to 14cm across the log. Ash is dense and lasts for longer in your fire compared to Silver Birch softwood Pine or Alder wood.
  • ✅ Reliable Low Moisture: The moisture content on the outside of the log will always be 18% or less meaning they are ready to burn. Save time buy buying kiln dried Ash.
  • ✅ Sustainable Kiln Dried Ash Logs: All our firewood logs are sourced from FSC sources. This means they are from sustainable forestry practices. Great for all types of fires.
  • ✅ Same net size each time: The nets are 30L and will hold between 8-12 logs. The volume of wood is always the same the weight may be less because we produce these months ahead as moisture further evaporates so does the weight. Dry wood emits less particulates in the smoke and is better for your chimney or flue system.