Big K Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs – Pack of 1 Easy to Light Long Burning Campfire Wood Fire Logs for Fire Pit, BBQ and Pizza Oven with Topline Card, Approx. 6kg


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  • Big K kiln dry wood firelogs come with a unique Topline Thank You Card. Typically in one net there are 12-15 logs weighing approximately 6kg.
  • Sourced from mixed hard wood grown in the UK our long-lasting Kiln Dried fire logs produce a high heat output and are ultra consistent. Plus they’re FSC & GiB certified and Woodsure accredited so you know they’re homegrown sustainably sourced and of a high quality. Try Big K’s Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs today.
  • Fire Pit logs are a sustainable environmentally friendly and renewable wood fuel that’s ideal for use in multi-fuel and wood-burning stoves chimineas fire pits – warm you when camping pizza ovens cookers or even BBQ charcoal. These open fire logs have consistent moisture content making them easier to light and us.
  • Firewood logs are made from UK-sourced sustainable timber that has been kiln-dried to reach a less than 20% moisture content. This means the logs for chiminea can burn more cleanly producing less smoke and more heat. Ready to Burn Certified.
  • Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs have great fuel efficiency with less smoke and a better flame.