Black Leather Welder Gloves,Heat & Fire Resistant Gloves Leather with Stitching,Welding High Temperature Gloves for Fireplace,Stove, Oven,Grill,Welding,BBQ,Pot Holder,Gardening Gear Protections


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  • 【Extreme Heat Resistant Protection Gloves】:Full high quality cow split leather surface are with thickness depth above 1.2mm) heat fire sharp insulation and soft warm absorbent cotton inside denim cuffs which bulild these gloves to withstand temperatures at least 400°C and could handle most of the high temperature cut gardening work.
  • 【Durable Kevlar Stitching】:Leather Welder Gloves uses Kevlar thread that means it more resistant to high temperatures than other heat resistant gloves and not easy to break very suitable for high-temperature work. Reinforced palm to cushion hands when working with heavy weight or sharp objects.Excellent performance in heavy duty welding gripping hot stuff such as stove & cookware & burning coal or firewood.double layer wing thumbreload a woodburing stove,uses them for welding.
  • 【Wear Resistant】:Leather Welder Gloves protects your hands and forearms from grinding debrisReinforced palm to cushion hands when working with heavy weight or sharp objects. Hot kitchen ware and hot steam from cooking hot coals open flames welding sparks.
  • 【Recommand Application】:We recommand that you can use this product in the following situations:Welding Grill Barbecue Wood Stovereload a woodburing you can put your hands all the way in and rearrange the logs without fear of being burned. stove Oven pick up burning wood embersFireplace Cutting Gardening Camping Campfire Animal Handling and so much mo.
  • 【Note】:Leather Welder Gloves are not heat proof therefore not suitable for prolonged direct contact with hot surfaces. For example at 350-400 degree C the gloves can protect you for up to 20 sec. Care must be taken to move away from heat source if temperature inside the gloves rises. The gloves are water proof but not washable. To clean them simply wipe them with a damp cloth.