Brazier Smokeless Fuel 20kg with 1.7kg Pack of Kindling and Long Topline Matches for Wood Burners. Ideal Smokeless Coal for Multi Fuel Stoves and Open Fire.


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  • This Fire Starter Kit includes: 20kg Homefire Brazier Multi Purpose Smokeless Coal 1 pack of Homefire Easy Light Supapack Kindlings 1.7kg and Long Topline Matches.
  • Brazier Multi Purpose Smokeless fuel is clean burner and it emits 80% less smoke than house coal so can be used in all parts of the UK including smokeless zones. Emits up to 40% less Carbon Dioxide than house coal and is considered CO2 neutral as a renewable energy source. This smokeless fuel is manufactured with 15% renewable material. Smokeless coal emits less than 5g of smoke per hour.
  • Get your fire going quickly with this fantastic Premium Kiln Dried Natural Wood Kindlings sustainably sourced wood -ultra dry for a smokeless fast light. Your fire will be ready for you to enjoy: quick and easy. Kiln dried woods ensures your fire burns much hotter for longer meaning less fuel is required and limits the amount of storage space required.
  • An economy smokeless coal recommended for use on open fires solid fuel fires and multi-fuel stoves. These smokeless fuels are great for burning. You can also use these coal lighters for SPA and Turkish treatments. They are durable and don’t contain chemicals or taxis.
  • Brazier smokeless coal disks have a constant and smooth flame. It can be lit quickly and effortlessly using only a match or lighter. A single quick light coal briquette can burn for long time.