CAMEIRGOU Stove Pipe, Stainless Steel Flexible Flue Pipe Metal Stove Pipe, Wall Chimney Pipe Flue Chimney Extension for Wood Stoves, Camping Stove Pipe for Wood Log Burning Stove (TGGG-888)


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  • 【Tight Connection】When connecting with other pipes of the same diameter the connection joints of the Flexible Stove Pipe are tight and airtight. Be careful not to warp the stove pipe from compression.
  • 【Easy To Use】Installation does not require many steps Pellet Stove Pipe can be installed quickly and easily please measure the diameter of the required product before purchasing.
  • 【High-Grade Material】Wood Stove Pipe is sturdy and not easy to deform and it can be used for a longer time. It is high temperature resistant wear-resistant and has strong hardness.
  • 【Wide Range Of Application】Stove Chimney Pipe is suitable for outdoor camping wood stove chimneys insulated tents with stove jacks or indoor water heater pipes. It is very versatile.
  • 【Bent 90 Degrees】Chimney Pipe can be bent into a C shape and cannot be stretched. Can be bent 90 degrees for use in areas where space is scarce or bending is required.