Cuteefun Cut Resistant Glove, Metal Cut Proof Glove, Powerful Level 5 Protection, Chainmail Glove, Food Grade Cutting Protective Glove, Safety Work Glove for Kitchen, Outdoor, Carving (XL)


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  • 【Wear Comfortably】Cut resistant glove contains a metal glove and a white nylon glove. The metal glove has adjustable metal buckles to help you find the most suitable wearing condition. The nylon glove is soft and flexible blocking the metal glove from rubbing against your hand.
  • 【Sturdier Material】Cut proof gloves are made from high strength polyethylene fibre and 316L stainless steel wire making them far stronger than ordinary gloves. Providing you with a level 5 cut protection for you it achieves the highest protection performance on the market.
  • 【Food grade safety】The safe material allows the metal gloves to come into direct contact with food and can be used to cut food or peel hard shelled food such as oysters.
  • 【Wide Range of Uses】Can be used with a potato slicer or mandolin to protect your fingers while enjoying the convenience of the machine. Perfect for gardening construction carpentry metalworking cutting engraving and more the Safety Work Gloves keep your fingers away from cuts.
  • 【Customer Service】The package contains 2 gloves one metal and one nylon suitable for one hand. Please contact us if you have any questions and we will resolve your query as soon as possible.