DIYARTS Log Burner Fan, 5 Blades Woodburner Stove Fan, Woodburner Fireplace Fan, Wood Burner Fan, Heat Powered Fan, Slient Fan with Stove Thermometer for Heat Circulation Eco Fire Fan Wood Burner


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  • 🔥【Heat Power Generation】Without batteries or electricity the log burner fan converts the heat from the fireplace or stove into electricity.
  • 🔥【Easy to Use】No installation required just place the woodburner stove fan on the smooth and flat surface of the stove close to the side or back of the stove tube.
  • 🔥【Upgraded 5-Blade Wood Burner Fan】The upgraded woodburner fireplace fan is faster and generate more air volume compared to the original 6-blade or 8-blade stove fan in the same teperature.
  • 🔥【Working Temperature】The recommended working surface temperature of the wood burner fan is 50°C/122°F to 350°C/662°F [with thermometer].
  • 🔥【Quiet and Safe】The unique design of the blade assembly keeps the heat powered fan quiet during the fastest operation. And the noise is less than 45dB which will not disturb your sleep work and study.