DSYJ Welding Gloves Long Leather Gaunlets Heat Resistant Lined Extreme Heat Resistant Gloves, Ideal Welding gloves for TIG and MIG, Perfect BBQ gloves for cooking in Grill and Oven Red


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  • The heat-resistant welding gloves are made of high-grade pure cowhide. After repeated tanning and heat treatment your hands are protected all the time
  • The palm part is double-reinforced leather for more abrasion and work. The inside of the glove has a soft lining to reduce the irritation and impact of the palm of the hand
  • The suture line uses a flame-retardant line with a certain fire-proof performance to protect the entire glove
  • This glove offers a high level of heat protection and is suitable for almost all thermal work such as grilling welding fireplaces ovens glass firing and more
  • At the same time this seemingly cumbersome glove has incredible flexibility so you can do whatever it can