Eco-Barn Wood Natural Firelighters XL 200 – Wood Wool Flame Fire Starters for log burners, pizza ovens, camp fires, bbq’s, chimenea


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  • ✅ 200 Natural Firelighters – Extra Long: Each box contains 200 Natural Firelighter – Only 1 Flame Fire Starter is needed for starting a fire when used with kindling. Perfect for lighting all fires Lumpwood Charcoal on your BBQ no need for petroleum liquid any more! We recommend using 2-3 for a average size BBQ for a quick start to your cooking.
  • ✅ Great Eco fire lighters. So easy to light and keeps burning for long time. Lights kindling and coal so easy and effectively both open fire and multi fuel burner. Flame for Up to 10 Minutes perfect for use with kindling for open fires and stoves
  • ✅ Eco friendly firelighters made from Wood Wool & Wax. They have no smell to them and light fast and for ages. Perfect for anyone cooking with wood
  • ✅ Firelighters for wood burners patio chimeneas fireplaces & bbq’s or camping fire. Very easy to use light your kindling and firewood quickly will get a fire started instantly. Eco friendly charcoal Starters.
  • ✅ Easy to light eco firelighters keep burning for 10mins enough to get fire going. Better than traditional firelighters but Eco if using kiln dried logs can use with out kindling if using 3 pieces.