Ecoblaze Aspen Wood Briquettes – 2 x 8 Pack – Easy To Use and Maintain, Ideal Fuel – Excellent for Wood Burning Stoves, Log Burners & Fire Pits


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  • ECO LOGS: Sourced from sustainable forests using only 100% natural materials – no accelerants of paraffin just extremely highly compressed aspen bark. A priority for Ecoblaze is sourcing wood briquettes from where there is the least impact on the environment.
  • WHERE TO USE: These briquettes can be used anywhere normal wood fire logs can be used for example in wood burning stoves wood burners log burners and fire pits. They are easy to light and require minimal maintenance when burning.
  • FULLY ACCREDITED: With ‘Ready to Burn’ certification the Ecoblaze Aspen Wood Briquettes have been approved as being dry and ready for immediate use. Our briquettes are below <6% moisture content and compressed to over 1000kg/m3 densities (super dense!).
  • MORE COST EFFECTIVE: Treat these briquettes as an extension of your main log store – used to help you always maintain a reasonable heat level in your home. Our Ecoblaze aspen briquettes are designed to burn slower at slightly lower temperatures you can then use a few more logs to bring the room back up to a higher temperature when you need it and in doing so use fewer logs overall!
  • 8 PER PACK: These large briquettes come in a pack of 8. Which can last for just shy of a full week assuming you use 2-3 briquettes per burn. This means you maximise your value for money in home heating from these two packs of eight briquettes each (16 briquettes roughly 20kg overall).