Ecoblaze Nestro Heat Logs – 6kg – 5 Briquettes – Long Burn Duration – Fire Logs – Eco Heat – Ideal for Wood Burner, Log Burner, Firepit, Wood Burning Stove & Chiminea – Ready To Burn


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  • NESTRO HEAT LOGS: The Nestro briquettes are a great alternative to other types of briquettes and firewood. They are perfect for wood burners or log burners with doors where the airflow can be restricted.
  • EASY TO HANDLE & STORE: The Nestro heat logs have a sleek and chunky design making it easy for you to handle and store in your home. They are in a 6.1kg bag of 5 briquettes.
  • HIGH HEAT OUPUT: The Nestro briquettes are the perfect product to get your home or safe space warm and cosy. The heat log gives off a strong heat as an energy efficient long burning fuel.
  • MATERIALS: The Nestro briquettes are made from low bark all natural wood materials that are kiln dried to create a densely packed briquette which lasts and burns with great intensity leaving minimal ash.
  • ECO FRIENDLY: The Nestro briquettes are a fantastic option to get your fire started. They are eco-friendly and are certified Ready To Burn with moisture levels of 20% or less.