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  • 【Energy Savings】This small log burning fan can help you improve the efficiency of your freestanding stove heater/pellet heater oven or wood/log burner with high efficiency no battery or electricity required only need to come from the fireplace The heat turns it into power for the fan helping you feel warmer faster. Reduce wood use in wood burning stoves and save 38% on fuel costs.
  • 【Indoor Heat Circulation】The warm air produced by the fireplace will be gradually transferred to the upper part of the room and the heat furnace fan is designed to circulate the warm air produced by the burning of wood/coal or pellets. Let the indoor air convection effectively circulate the warm air in the whole room and survive the cold winter without pollution.
  • 【Easy to Use】Place the fireplace fan on the hot and smooth surface of the stove top the stove fan will run autonomously the stove fan base and blades are made of anodized aluminum which is durable. The normal operating temperature of the fan is between 60 – 340°C the working efficiency is highest when it reaches about 200-300°C when the surface temperature rises to about 250-300°C it will gently lift the front of the fan to protect the TEG and motor.
  • 【New blade design】 The blade design is lighter the rotation angle is larger and the sufficient power can make the blade generate larger and more concentrated wind and transmit the generated heat farther. And in the process of high-intensity operation keep quiet No noise.
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