Log Burner Fan 3-Blade Wood Stove Fan Heat Powered Fireplace Fans Eco Friendly for Wood Burning Stoves Fireplaces Silent


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  • Economical Friendly- No Electricity or Battery required. This log burner stove fan gets power from the heat produced by your fireplace wood burning stove or pellet stove top. Efficiently circulate warm air around your room.
  • Better Heat Distribution- This 3 Blades wood stove fan is designed to deliver a very broad thermal current.It helps to circulate the warm air throughout the whole room horizontally instead of vertically rising to the ceiling and make your room warm more quickly.
  • Easy Operation- No assembly needed. Just position the stove fan on a smooth flat surface of your stove topnear the side or back of the stovepipe.It will start working when the stove surface gets hot enough.
  • Start Automatically- This wood burner fan will start working automatically when the surface temperature reaches around 50°C(122°F). The higher the temperature is the faster the fan spins. The general working temperature is 85°C – 350°C(185°F – 660°F).Temperatures above 350°C may damage the fan and the TEG units.
  • Safer Design-The fan comes with a bi-metallic safety device at the base of the fireplace fan. When the maximum operating temperature is approached it will gently lift the front of the fan slightly to protect the fan and TEG units. The fan will automatically recover normally as the surface temperature decreases.