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  • Heat Powered: This small log burner fan is a perfect addition to every home that has a wood stove. No batteries or electricity required but simply the heat from your stovetop this eco friendly fan allows you to get the maximum heat from your log burner stove.
  • Easy to Operate: No assembly required just place this small stove fan on a smooth flat surface of your stovetop the fan will automatically rotate with the temperature getting higher. The hotter the stovetop is the faster the stove fan spins and the more warm air the eco fan circulates.
  • Operating temperature: The working temperature of this wood stove fan is 50-350°C. It starts spinning when the temperature gets around 55°C and works most efficiently when it gets around 200-300°C. But please avoid to use the fan at high temperature continuously for a long time. Kindly note the working efficiency will be various as per your stovetop temperature.
  • Powerful and Powerful: This thermal powered fireplace fan is equipped with six blades which is powerful to meet the needs of users this product is worth having.
  • Whisper and Quiet: The noise level of the fan is less than 25db the only moving part is the blades which makes the wood stove fan almost totally silent even at top speed.You even do not know the stove fan is there but you will still feel a breeze but not wind from your fan.