Fanomini Stove Fan with Thermometer 5 Blades Heat Powered Fireplace Fan Silent Operation Efficient Log Burner Fan Rustproof Fireplace Stoves Fan Without Electricity for Fireplace Firewood Stove Log Bu


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  • ✅ [5 Blades Efficient Stove Fan]This stove fan is designed with five blades which provides a wide flow of heat from the fireplace or stove burner and increases the efficiency of the freestanding stove heater. Raising the room temperature quickly and keep the room warm. The hotter stove burner is the more air fan can be circulated. And the maximum distance of hot air transfer is about 3 meters/117.9 inches. 😉
  • ✅ [High-quality Rustproof Stove Fan] This stove fan is made of high-quality anodized aluminium which has good thermal conductivity. The stove fan is sturdy not easy to deform and rustproof and anti corrode enable to service for long time use. 😉
  • ✅ [Silent Operation] This stove fan is operate in a quite way. The only moving part is the blades attachmentmaking the stove fan almost super silent even at maximum speed. No noise to bother your rest and enjoy the warmth. 😉
  • ✅ [No battery and Electricity Required] This fireplace fan is eco-friendly no battery or electricity need just need the heat from your stove. When the stove surface temperature reaches 158-230 degrees Fahrenheit (depending on stove type) it will operates automatically circulating the warm air created by fireplace. 😉
  • ✅ [Bimetallic Safety Device Protection ]This log burner fan features a bimetallic safety device which provides a safe protection. When the furnace surface temperature rises too high the safety device will raise the front of the fan in order to protect the central module and the motor. 😉