FENGKING Fireplace 5 Heat Powered Stove Fan Log Wood Burner Eco Friendly Quiet Fan Home Efficient Heat Distribution (Color : With thermometer)


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  • Aluminum Alloy Stove Fan Made of high strength aluminum alloy which makes the stove fan burr-free and neat surface. No deformation and no fading even after a time working at high temperature.
  • Energy Saving and The heat stove fan is designed to circulate the hot air created by burning wood / coal or pellets. FULLY use the heat from your wood stove and disperse it around your room and heat the room up quickly Less Consumption More Efficiency – Reduce fuel consumption.
  • No Batteries or Electricity Required The double stove fan uses the heat from the stove surface to spin automatically adjusts its speed according to the temperature of the stove surface.
  • High anodised extruded aluminium materials works on the heat generated from your wood stove to help warm up the house faster and more efficiently.
  • Self-Powered – Powered by heat the speed is automatically controlled by the stove top temperature.