Fire Guru Premium Eco Round Heat Logs – Hardwood Briquettes Perfect for Burning on Open Fires, Pizza Oven, Fire Pit & Wood Burners – Greener Way To Heat Your Home (30kg)


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  • ECO HEAT LOGS: Cleaner and greener way to heat your home. These firewood heat log briquettes are extremely dry with a guaranteed moisture content of 0-5% which means they burn hotter
  • MULTIPLE USES: Perfect for burning on open fires pizza ovens fire pits & log burner. Ultra dense compression gives you more material to burn many people choose to split them into two or more pieces
  • QUICK & EASY TO USE: These Briquettes heat up very quickly and reach high temperatures within 10 minutes. The briquettes come in packs of 5 logs with each pack weighing 10kg. Therefore if you order a pack of 30kg you will receive 15 logs!
  • ECO HEAT: An efficient burn that produces very and lower residues which means cleaner chimneys and flues
  • NATURAL: Made from natural wood no artificial additives included. They are also a lot easier to clean up afterwards thanks to less ash and waste