Fireplace Fan, 6 Blade Stove Fan, Without Power, Quiet Operation Wood Stove Fan, Heat Powered Stove Fan for Wood/Log Burner/Fireplace with Thermometer and Heat-insulating Board


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  • ♦ Improve Stove Performerce: The wind speed depends on the angle of the rolled fan sides. The improved 6-blade stove fan is 20° larger than the 5-blade fan which makes the wind speed 90% higher. Distribute the heat of the oven more efficiently and increase the temperature of the room quickly. The unique fluted fan blades and lotus design ensure faster hot air circulation and better protection for the engine. Automatically circulates warm air throughout the room.
  • ♦ Thickened heat-powered fan: unlike other fireplace fans that use steel our stove fan is made of anodised aluminium alloy with good thermal conductivity does not rust or corrode. The blade thickness is upgraded to 1.2 mm more durable. Built-in protection system to prevent overheating. No deformation and no discolouration even after a long time working under high temperatures.
  • ♦ Safety protection design: the log burner fan comes with a bi-metal safety device. If the surface temperature of the stove exceeds 350°C the top temperature indicator bar will indicate an indication. Meanwhile the safety device gently lifts the front of the eco-heat powered fan to protect the TEG and engine. Includes magnetic thermometer to determine the operating temperature to ensure the safety of the oven chamber. Paired with heat-resistant gloves to protect against burns of the hands.
  • ♦ Silent and automatic operation: no batteries or electricity required the Stove Fans Log Burners automatically works with the stove temperature between 65-350°C. The hotter the hob the faster the leaves spin. The only moving part is the blade assembly which makes the stove fan almost completely silent even at the highest speed.
  • ♦ Essential fireplace accessories: this quiet wood stove fan is the perfect addition to any home. The wood stove fan is widely used for gas electric pellet stove firewood burner fireplace or wood stove. The chimney fan blades are powered by the heat of the stove reduce the fuel and wood consumption of the stove and save on electricity bill