Fireplace Fan Stove Thermometer for Log for Burner Barbecue Oven Temperature Gauge Meter Fireplace Fan Stove Thermomete


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  • ➽ Convenient to use: the stove thermometer is easy to use and install you can put the back on stove top or side the handy hook can also attach the thermometer onto the stove or single wall flue pipe thermometer please notice that don’t attach directly on grilles
  • ➽The stove thermometer is can be placed on the top or side of the stove and in the single flue pipe on the wall.
  • ➽Temperature Range: 0-400 ℃
  • ➽Easy to control the firing temperature avoid your stove fan damaged by overheating.
  • ➽Protect function: the stove temperature guage can help protect your stove from overheating the clear mark of your burning temperature can help you make sure of the stove temperature allow you to make full use of the ensure you are burning at the operation temperature