Flamefast Stove & Chimney Sweeping Log Fire Place Cleaner Remove Creosote Soot Tar Deposits – Includes KasaBona Safety Matches (1 Log)




  • Flamefast Stove & Chimney Sweeping Log with KasaBona safety matches
  • Easy-to-use logs: Revolutionary chimney sweeping log are very simple to use and ideal preparation before sweeping the chimney; Ensures you get the maximum heat yield from your wood burner or open fire
  • Use Regularly: Regular use will avoid the risk of chimney fires; The smoke from the log carries catalysts which helps remove soot deposits from your chimney
  • Safe to use: The main ingredients of the product are sawdust paraffin and mineral catalysts which are absolutely safe for your fireplace stove and flue
  • Suitable for all wood burning stoves and appliances