GMGXX Log Burner Fan, 5 Blade Stove Fan, Wood Burner Fans&Wood Burning Stoves&Stove Fans Log Burners for Room Wide Heat Distribution – Mute, Overheating Protection, With Anti Scald Finger Cots




  • Optimal Temperature Range – This log burner fan is thoughtfully engineered for maximum efficiency performing at its best within a temperature range of 80°C (176°F) to 345°C (653°F). It has the remarkable ability to withstand temperatures as high as 345°C (653°F) ensuring dependable and consistent performance even under demanding conditions.
  • Intelligent Overheat Protection – This stove fan is equipped with an advanced bottom-mounted thermal-sensitive metal overheat protection system. It acts as a vigilant safety sentinel safeguarding the Thermo-Electric Generator (TEG) and motor from overheating when the surface temperature exceeds 250°C (482°F). This ensures both the longevity and safety of the fan allowing you to enjoy comfortable warmth with peace of mind.
  • Enhanced Heat Distribution – This fan for wood burning stove boasts 5 meticulously designed blades that excel in evenly dispersing heat throughout your space. By promoting efficient heat circulation it contributes to reducing wood consumption making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective heating solution.
  • Compact Dimensions – With measurements of 6.7 x 3.9 x 7.7in this log burner fan is space-efficient seamlessly integrating into your fireplace setup. Its versatility extends to wood-burning stoves gas stoves pellet stoves and more without encroaching on your valuable space.
  • Silent Operation – Delight in the peaceful ambiance created by this wood burner fans. Operating with a near-silent noise level measuring below 25db it guarantees an environment of tranquility. You can relish the comforting warmth it spreads without any bothersome noise assuring an undisturbed and serene atmosphere.