Fireplace Fan, Double Head Stove Fan, with 12 Blades Fireplace Fan for Wood Stove Fireplace Stove Pipe Woodburner Stove Top-Ideal Small Wood Burning Fan Fireplace


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  • ✅The 12-blade hot air oven fan can produce more warm air and improve production efficiency. It is widely used in wood stoves gas stoves wood burners fireplaces etc. The thermometer can detect the working temperature at any time to ensure the safety of the oven.
  • ✅No battery or electricity required. It is powered by the heat generated by the fireplace or fireplace and directed to the fan base to drive the blades. The higher the temperature of the stove the faster the blade rotates.
  • ✅The bimetal strip is built into the bottom of the stove fan. When the maximum operating temperature is reached the bi-metal strip under the base automatically bends to raise the fan base and reduce the heat contact surface to protect the motor and thermoelectric module.
  • ✅The fan works below 25 dB which is very quiet. You can hardly hear a sound. It can improve the circulation of warm air in the room and thus achieve higher comfort.
  • ✅The working temperature is approx. 50°C to 350°C (122°F to 662°F) and the fan speed is automatically adjusted to the oven temperature. The conversion rate is the highest when the temperature reaches about 250-300°C.